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Your Partners and Guides Towards Digital Successfullness

We provide Website Building, E-Commerce, ERP, and IT solutions to businesses in the South-central Pennsylvania area and around the globe.

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Kevin Shenk

Owner, Developer

Kevin is a digital-migrant millennial entrepreneur who grew up in front of a computer, which makes it unlikely that he possesses a lick of naturally-occurring common sense in his body. He wields words like a medieval knight wields his weapons, which probably corresponds with why everyone feels exhausted after he’s done talking and no-one seems to understand what he’s trying to say.

In general, the company generally concluded that it’s better to keep Kevin confined to a tight ring of responsibility “off to the side” so to speak… the ladies do allow him to “rescue” them from a mouse every now and again, to help keep him feeling manly.

Wendy Warren

Site Builder

Wendy comes to us from the Gen-Z crowd (affectionately known as “Ged Zen” in the office). Web design isn’t her first love, but it’s quickly becoming her second (or something…🤷‍♂️). She’s single-handedly responsible for introducing a range of new hip lingo to the company, including “it’s a thing” and “tough scene”. (Her boss, for his part, is responsible for introducing a few new words into her vocabulary such as “ambivalent”, which is how he feels most days about her musical selections.)

All in all, she’s a pretty cool gal to have around, and the websites she produces are anything but “a tough scene”.

Corin Wenger


Corin comes to us from the shipping industry, where he was a bit seasick from all the mutinies and gang-plank walks. It’s taken him a bit to get his feet under him back on the main land, but aside from needing to constantly redact maritime-based comments from the code he writes (“Have ye shipped on that ship, mate?”), he’s done well as a software developer. All in all, we’re glad to have him “on board” and have welcome him with a hearty “Arg!”.

Naomi Shenk


Naomi Shenk, a loving mother of four, radiates warmth and joy as she gracefully balances the demands of motherhood with bookkeeping at Avunu and many other demands of life. With a passion for books, she finds solace in captivating tales while savoring a steaming cup of coffee. As a diligent bookkeeper at Avunu, Naomi’s attention to detail shines. Yet, her true fulfillment lies in creating a welcoming home, where laughter and meaningful connections flourish. Dedicated to her husband, children, and loved ones, Naomi is a vibrant presence, illuminating the lives of those fortunate to know her.

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